Diversity, Social Tolerance, Humanity and Inclusive Society

We know ideology, poverty, politics, frustration, lack of vision and international terrorist agenda are major drivers of communal, ethnic and religious intolerance in the society.  The extremist group exposed their strings spreading extremist agenda of hatred and attack on religious minorities’ ‍and successfully created fear of religious and cultural intolerance and insecurity.

Hold people together in society is vital.  The efforts are to ensure equal opportunities for all, regardless of their background, religion and ethnicity, enable full and active participation of every member of the society in all aspects of life, including civic, social, economic, and political activities.

Bring religious leaders in one platform for unity and preach peace and tolerance.  Use the community gathering a place to talk about the beauty of peace, tolerance, harmony and diversity and benefit of multicultural.

The reality is, it is difficult in short term to create inclusive institutions, transparent politics and commitment to fundamental human rights.  However, accelerate transformation, build resilience to shocks, crisis and risk reduction by engaging key stakeholders are possible and we should use our knowledge, strength, strategies and experience for these to happen.