Child and Youth Development

Project Name : Stop Child Labour through Education Project

Goal : The goal of this project is to tackle the worst forms of child lobour through education

Purpose : The purpose of this project is to providing children with information on child labor and education and teaching them new skills, particularly life skills, empowers them as individuals who know their rights and fulfill their responsibilities in society.

Expected Outputs :

At the end of the project-

  1. 170 working children are informed about the negative consequence of Child Labour
  2. 150 number of student received Non-Formal Education for enroll in formal schools
  3. 150 numbers of parents are sensitized to send their children to schools instead of jobs.
  4. 20 number of children received Vocational Training
  5. 200 number of children got health cards
  6. 50 numbers of employers agreed to release their child employee

Geographic location : Lalbag, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Targeted Direct Beneficiaries : 170 working boys and girls

Duration of the proposed project : January to December 2017

Donor : One World Foundation, Bulgaria

Major Activities:

  • Urban Development Center (UDC) establishment and preparation
  • Potential children database development and management
  • Sensitize meeting with employers
  • Sensitize meeting with school teachers and governing body members
  • Child labour code of conduct dissemination
  • Organize children development session
  • Organize parents sessions
  • Organize community meeting with local elites and leaders
  • Non Formal Education (NFE), pre-schooling session and tutorial support sessions
  • Education materials distribution
  • Health card prepare and distribution
  • Organize market oriented vocational training and visit for job linkage



Project Name: Hazardous Child Labour Elimination

Project Goal: Bangladesh will be a child labour free country by fulfill in the basic rights of children


  • To withdraw children from GoB listed hazardous workplaces
  • To create conducive working environment for the working children who are lawfully eligible to work in non-hazardous works
  • To protect vulnerable children entering into labour market

Target Population: Hazardous working and vulnerable children and their families

Project Duration: August’2013 to April’2017

Donors Name: Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), Bangladesh

Working Area: Dhaka North and South City Corporation

Expected Outcomes:

  • 1250 children withdrawn from hazardous work and enrolled in formal schools
  • 2000 number of children enrolled in formal school before entering into labour market
  • 1000 children re-assigned from hazardous to non-hazardous tasks
  • 250 children replaced from hazardous to non-hazardous jobs after get skill training.
  • 500 of employers ensure Labour Code of Conduct in workplace
  • 4500 children got access to first aid and primary treatment facilities

Major Achievements:


Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world.  Around 40% of the total populations live below the poverty line, a sizeable proportion are in Dhaka urban slums.  The children future will be bleak if someone does not come with a comprehensive education program.  SOHAY is doing the job.  They live in vulnerable socio-political economic environment and are working hard, searching opportunities getting out of this vicious environment.  According to the present projection it will become home of 25 million people by 2025 around 60% will live in slums, large portion will be classified as poor vulnerable.  Unfortunately, due to patron-client interest they are excluded from basic rights and opportunities.  According to the national child labour survey, there are 7.4 million working children of whom 6.0 million in rural and 1.4million in urban areas almost all of them are engaged in life threatening different types hazardous jobs. They are in this vulnerability due to lack of proper education and absence of right skills for the fast growing labour market, also living in dark no knowledge of labour rights. The Bangladesh Government is committed eliminating child labour hence has taken short, medium and long term strategies eliminating different forms of child labour by 2015.

SOHAY is working with slum children changing their social-economic situation through successfully blocked the inflow child labour in market. It is working mainly three different strategies a) block the influx to hazardous jobs through diversion to education b) withdrawal from hazardous job through re-skilling and employing to new hazard free jobs and c) creating conducive work environment.  SOHAY is implementing the project by holistic strategies; it diverts and withdraws by offering alternative to children that ensures sustainability of the programme.  The block or diversion did not allow the children enter in the hazardous process, the re-skilling and better job placement reduce number of hazardous working children and creating conducive working environment reduce children vulnerability.

Major Activities:

  • Form community group through meetings to create consensus in the community to facilitate change in the locality and allow people to think on what action they have to do
  • Withdraw hazardour working children to formal education
  • Organize vocational trainning and assist job linkage
  • Sensitize family members, community and local duty bearers
  • Informal and pre-primary education support and assistance for enrolment
  • Linked with formal health service center with free or low of cost


Project Name: Hazardous Working Children to Mainstream Education

Project Goal: Children are participating at school in Dhaka city

Target Population: Working and Vulnerable slum children

Project Duration: October’2013 to September’2015

Donors Name: Global Giving, UK

Working Area: Dhaka North City Corporation

Expected Outcomes: At the end of the project-

  • 200 numbers of children will withdraw and enrolled in formal education
  • They will get low cost health facilities from non-government, private and government health service centers
  • All of the parents will sensitize towards their children education
  • All children will be protected by national child policy

Major Achievements:


Bangladesh is one of the poorest populous countries in the world; half of its 150 million people live  below the poverty line. The populations are concentrated into two different settings, e.g. urban and rural areas.  The people are moving from villages to urban cities for better life, livelihood and job opportunities as a result large numbers of people are concentrating in city areas, a study shows 400,000 new people annually are coming in Dhaka, mostly poor destined to slums.  According to rough estimate around 7.4 million children are working in different sectors, 6.0m in rural and 1.4m in urban. They have  nothing to offer or negotiate except physical presence and labor so around 93 percent of them pass painful working life, work long hours, 30% are estimated work 43 hours or more per week. The owners do not have any urge improving the conditions or environment because the influxes of unskilled children are so huge they are not worried about shortage of workers for their areas. This situation is very influencing on the slum children development and protection. In this context SOHAY is implementing the project to reduce children participation in hazardous labour market in Bangladesh.

Major Activities:

  • Withdraw hazardour working children to formal education
  • Pre-primary eduction support and assist education for enrollment
  • Sensitize family members, community and local duty bearers
  • Individual counseling and motivation
  • Linked with formal health service center with free or low of cost

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