Disaster Management, Emergency Relief and Environment

20191109 BULBUL SITREP 1

SOHAY Response – COVID 19 Emergency Relief Packets Distribution

SOHAY follows the below procedures both procuring and distributing emergency relief to the community, they are,

Procurement of materials and packaging:

  1. SOHAY Follows the organization and donors procurement procedures procuring materials from markets.
  2. Assemble the stuff in one place and prepare packets of stuff will be distributed.

Distribution of Stuff:

  1. Distribute tokens to the community,
  2. List the names of the people will receive the stuff from SOHAY
  3. Share the list with the local authority
  4. Write to the local police stations what SOHAY is going to do and where, along with the list of people going to receive SOHAY emergency relief packet
  5. Reporting to the donors


SOHAY Tokens
List of Children
List of Children
Emergency Relief items
Emergency Relief Stuff
Emergency Relief Packets
Emergency Relief Pulses packets
Emergency Relief Rice 5 Kgs


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