Human Rights And Gender

Project Name: Social Mobilization for Women Empowerment

Project Goal: Establish violence free just society reducing violence against women and children at family and community level to zero tolerance To create a women friendly environment within the community to work on stop violence against women at family and community level. And also scale up learning on stop violence against women and policy advocacy to make law on violence against women (VAW) at family level.

Target population: Vulnerable and victimize girl and women at Dhaka Urban Slum

Project Duration: January’2013 to December’2013

Donor’s Name: Jatyo Nari Nirjaton Protirod Forum (National Violence against Women Forum) and Action Aid Bangladesh

Working Area: Dhaka North City Corporation

Major Achievements:

  • Project created strong wave in the locality and society on violence against women and girls and instantly several men stand to work against this barbaric practice in the local community and society.
  • The local leader and influential members have committed that if they come across of any such incidence they will take strong action against the perpetrator and bring them under local administration and law.
  • These discussions created hatred on such act in the community and men are aware that they are the custodian of a family and responsible to provide equal rights of their partners and female family members.
  • People understanding on violence against women and girl have changed, most of the participants have committed that they personally will stop any form of violence in their own home and family and will stand by the side of the victims and will oppose the perpetrators to stop these forms of violence in their community.
  • Project has influenced the community to form local committee to check violence against women and girl and provide necessary support to the victims, if required

Major Activity:

  • Emergency support and Linkage with legal aid support organization
  • Individual counseling and motivation
  • Incidental spot visit and fact­ findings
  • Awareness materials development and publication.
  • Providing psychosocial care support for survivors.
  • Campaign on DVAW titled BREAK SILENCE.
  • Advocacy, Lobbing, Capacity building and Day observation
  • Sensitize family, community and local duty bearers

Figure: Number of Population Get Benefits by Different Activities in this project.

Social Support for Women
Types of Activities Number of Support/Beneficiaries Number of Participants
Counseling 40
Remove family Violence 35
Protect Early Marriage 40
Protect Polygamy 05
Linkage with different social and local government support 10
Economic Empowerment 8
Legal Support to victims
Rape 03
Village court 09
Rape and Kill 02
Women Trafficking 01
Family Asset Distribution 10
Awareness Raising 
Court Yard Meeting 1900 3750
Women Sessions 2300 4180
Rally 05 1187
Human Chain 04 487
Male Assemble 01 122
Organize Seminar 02 47



Project Name: REFLECT and Health Development Initiative through Community Participation

Project Goal: Enhance women knowledge and understanding on education, health, water and sanitation.

Major Activities:

  • Basic education for community women:
  • Aware community the importance of children education
  • Immunization for children
  • Care of pregnant and lactating mothers
  • Awareness on water and sanitation and hygiene

Target population: Urban slum families, spatially children and women

Project Duration: March’2006 to August’2006 and March’2008 to August’ 2008

Donor’s Name: Action Aid Bangladesh

Working Area: Dhaka North City Corporation

Expected Outcomes:

  • 180 numbers of women will privilege adult education
  • 200 numbers of children will enroll in formal education and family will aware on importance of child education
  • 250 numbers of new born children will get access in immunization service
  • Pregnant women will get safe delivery to their child and routine check up facilities during this period.
  • Slum community will get proper knowledgeable on basic hygiene such as drink clean water, wash hands before eating, serving food, after returning from toilet, cleaning bottom of children.
  • Slum women could make homemade saline preparation.

Major Achievements:

  • 183 numbers of women privileged adult education and now they can read and write letter and words. Some of them went further can write sentences
  • 201 numbers of children enrolled in formal education and family are aware on importance of child education
  • 289 numbers of new born children get accessed in immunization service
  • Mothers are now taking their children to satellite clinic for immunization. All children under age five in SOHAY working areas are immunized.
  • They are now aware all pregnant women gave safe delivery to their child if they follow some routine during this period. Now all pregnant women are visiting doctor during pregnancy.
  • Participants are knowledgeable on basic hygiene such as drink clean water, wash hands before eating, serving food, after returning from toilet, cleaning bottom of children and after handling feces.
  • They can preparation homemade saline preparation.



Project Name: National Identity Card and Voter Campaign project

Project Goal: To aware community to ensure their participation in national identity card programme

Target population: Under privileged people of urban area

Major Activity:

  • Assist ID registration
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Meeting and Dialogue community and local elite and duty bearers

Project Duration: July’ 2007-March, 2008

Donor’s Name: Democracy Watch, Bangladesh

Working Area: 10 wards of Khilgaon and Sutrapur Thana, Dhaka City Corporation

Major Achievements:

  • 10 numbers of Word’s underprivileged people get access in National ID card
  • Peoples now knowledge on the National ID card access process
  • Develop a effective mechanism among the service receiver and provider

Working Strategy:

  • To involve all stakeholders as much as possible in its people/voter awareness programme for its success.
  • Prepared information pack contains all information of voter roll activities.
  • Representing Election Working Group (EWG) and made it clear that all our activities are approved by EC and a work plan.
  • Engaging all stakeholders was to ensure effective implementation in unknown areas.

Project Name: Aware Poor People Reflect on Acute Community (APPROCH)

Project Goal: Urban poor families access in formal health facilities.

Target population: Urban slum families

Major Activity:

  • To ensure health access in government and non-government service center of disadvantage children and mother in slum
  • Improved capacities of women at household and community level through health care awareness are the priority in PRSP.

Project Duration: July 2007 to December 2009

Donor’s Name: Industry Sector Certification Ltd. and Zakir H. Chowdhury

Working Area: Dhaka North City Corporation

Major Outcome:

  • 764 numbers of women and man get formal health access from government and non-government organization

Major Achievements:

822 numbers of man and women get formal health access.

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