Address Trafficking – Illegal Migration – Creating Resilient Communities

SOHAY is deeply disturbed by the present trafficking and migration of people to the neighboring and middle-east and elsewhere in the world.  These people are interested to change their present hard economic situation by migrating to those countries where they can work and earn good sum for the economic security of their own and other family members.

Unfortunately, the present migration system is so non-transparent, unclear, no proper supervision by the respective authority.  It is controlled by the greedy middleman who tell complete lie to the interested groups in Bangladesh.  As a result the people find no similarities between what they were told in the country and what was waiting in overseas in reality.

This is not true that those are going overseas are unaware of the danger but still they would like to take the risk because they were told by the middleman that they are genuine hence they will be okay and their future will be completely different the moment they will land on the new country.

SOHAY think there is no other option than changing the present migration system.  Hence, the organization would like to work on policy, policymakers, make a crash campaign in the country, so that those are interested to migrate to overseas can ask some critical information from middleman which will make them confident that they have the genuine documents in hand before passing the Bangladesh immigration officer at the International airports.

Bangladesh is a populous country and there is a huge demand for human in overseas, so the right skills and proper negotiation with the overseas employers will provide ensure good fortune for the Bangladeshi workers.

The illegal migration creates sufferings and sorry for the individual and the families, still lot of young boys and girls are taking steps to reach to the golden deer, which they will not reach in this life.

This is very hard to communicate the truth with those are thinking to migrate overseas.  They live on false hope, and the false hopes are so high, whatever, is communicated they are not ready to listen.  They only realize when they fall in the trap of the middleman.

The storytelling would be a good program combating the present situation.  There are a lot of both positive and negative stories.