Project Name: Safe Migration for Bangladeshi Workers

Project Goal: To ensure safe migration of Bangladeshi migrant workers to restore their rights and dignity


  • Improving the safe migration process
  • Steering a migrant reintegration programme
  • Pursuing comprehensive pre-departure, on migration and return services for migrants and their families
  • Strengthening the National Alliance for Migrants’ Rights, Bangladesh (NAMR,B)

Target Population: Migrants workers, to be migrants and their family

Project Duration: August’2014 to March’2017

Working Area: Dhakkin Khan, Uttara, Dhaka

Expected Outcomes:

After implementation the project people will fully aware about safe migration process and get legal and procedural support in pre-departure and after departure.

Major Achievements:

Donors Name: JICA (Sub-grant partner of BRAC, Bangladesh)


Bangladesh is one of the populous countries in the world.  It is full with 160 million people.  Around 5 percent of the total population 7 million are migrant workers employed overseas.  Due to improper knowledge and right type of support many of them fall to exploitation by the fraudulent recruitment agencies, middlemen or their foreign employers.  SOHAY is planning to control and curb the situation.  SOHAY know the breading ground that is people lack of awareness and knowledge about migration process and image0012 how to make this safe.  There are room to work with communities on labour laws, their rights, how to get access to information and immigration services.  At the same time there is room to engage on proactive policy support and sufficient social and economic re-integration initiatives.  On the  other hand Bangladesh has been declared migration is a third sector and is increasingly being recognized as one of the post- MDG development agendas.  In this context BRAC initiated a comprehensive migration project in 2006 to work with potential and returning  workers in 17 migration-prone districts, providing information on safe migration processes, relevant laws and rights,  legal support, skills training and social arbitration to recover money from middlemen, who adapted fraudulent practices  and cheated migrants. SOHAY is working with BRAC’s as partner organization of their ‘Safe Migration for Bangladeshi Workers’ project in Dhakkinkhan area, Dhaka.

Major Activities:

  • Enhance knowledge about safe migration in the community and make changes.
  • Providing information on safe migration processes
  • Awareness on relevant laws and rights and migration process
  • Ensure legal support
  • Provide skills training and
  • Social arbitration to recover money from middlemen

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