Zamila Sultana
Founder & Executive Director

Zamila Sultana is the founder Executive Director of SOHAY.  Since the beginning of her life she has been always thinking of how to change the socio-economic situation of the children living in impoverished situation.  She expects all people of the earth should have basic support for their development and promotion in future. She is activist always stands by the side of women and children living in impoverished slums and rural village settings. SOHAY therefore focused on women and children programme. Zamila has more than 20 years of development experience working with the children and women.  She always gives emphasis on children education and rights, women rights.  She fights for the withdrawal of children from the hazardous working environment. She is very good in organizing children, community, local duty bearers, shop owners, employers to eradicate hazardous child labour progamme in Bangladesh. She thinks SOHAY’s working strategies are very good in bring impoverished communities out of poverty traps.

Md. Yousuf-ur-Rahman

Training Manager.


Md. Yousuf-ur-Rahman has more than 15 years of development experience.  He is very good in land and children development programme.  Mr. Yousuf is approachable and a good team player and network manager. Yousuf’s major focus is on program management, project design and delivery, monitoring & Evaluation, Gender Issues (Mainstreaming, Empowerment), creating participatory learning methodologies, and implementing training programs. Yousuf is a professional trainer and has provided many training to both inside and outside SOHAY.  Yousuf has extensive experience in social innovation and a deep commitment to developing holistic approaches for child protection and empowerment. Prior to joining SOHAY Yousuf led several initiatives at landless people in Bangladesh and establish their rights to khash land. Yousuf is one of the leading person to launch the women rights initiative with Jatiyo Nari Nirjaton Potirod Forum that increases the awareness on women`s and child abuse and develops child protection interventions in Bangladesh, and he is currently serves in the Executive Committee of JNNPF Executive Board. Yousuf has master’s and bachelor’s degrees in political science  from Rajshahi University in Bangladesh.

Shakila Sultana

Shakila Sultana is one of the longest-serving SOHAY staff