Honesty and hard work are essential to prosper in life. And right directive is very necessary to them who want to success in life. Because absence of right directive many people working in walking in wrong way. So they become burden in society instead of success .Proper guideline and planning can bring prosper in life.

Md. Rafiqul Islam Rafik from sherpur. He is the second among four brothers and a sister. His father deals with sugar.  He were studying in class eight when he left school for poverty.

Devotion to work, in devour and hard work with proper directive, Rafik at cuts off his head despite study of his life stop.

He lived with his uncle in Gagipur when he came Dhaka in 1999. He received tailoring training from his uncle .Then he came Dakshin Khan and worked as a tailor master for two years in a tailor shop. He got weekly payment by which he had to manage his existence.

After two years, he joined as sewing trainer at SOHAY 3000 taka per month salary. He also works in a shop besides job and it is his extra income which he saved. He opened a new shop few days ago. There are six children is now working there who got training from SOHAY.

Now every body of his families appraise him then before and it encourages Rafik. It is also impressing for him known as “Rafik sir” in this area. Rafik now believes that proper guideline and planning can make the difference.

SOHAY is now playing is vital role with assistance of guide line and planning to the slum dwelling women. And SOHAY believes that these women can make differences with these.

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