Skill And Livelihood Development

Project Name: Vocational Training for Vulnerable Children.

Project Goal: Gradual Elimination of hazardous child labour through non-hazardous vocational skill development

Project Purpose:

  • To create opportunity for non hazardous vocational skill development.
  • To create opportunity for non hazardous jobs and self employment.

Target Population: 240 (age 14- below 18 years) vulnerable, street and children working in hazardous sectors.

Major Activities:

  • Identify hazardous working and vulnerable children
  • Provide need base skill training
  • Assist to job linkage facilities
  • Assist to entrepreneurship development

Project Duration: November 2012 – March 2013.

Donor Name: Manusher Jonno Foundation

Working Area: Dhakkinkhan, Uttara,  Dhaka

Major Achievements:

  1. 244 vulnerable children developed their vocational skill
  2. 173 number of children get job access national and international market
  3. 23 numbers of children create self employment.
  4. 196 numbers of children and their families income increases and living a standard life.


The time when a child is grown-up with affection of parents, they have to go to school, at that time; maximum children of our country go out to arrange their food. Stern reality is that they are far away from their rights of education, health support, shelter, affection-love, amusement and enjoyment. The conditions of the children from the marginalized community are more vulnerable.

Under the circumstances, children from these particular vulnerable groups are pushed into the Informal Economic Sectors for complementing and supporting their family income. In many cases, Children’s are become the main bread earner for their families. As a result, number of working children’s in different informal sectors is alarmingly increasing

Considering the situation, with the support of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) SOHAY along with other  MJF supported 3 Organizations was taken initiative to organize non-hazardous vocational skill training for the vulnerable, street, and working children who are involved in hazardous works under Dhaka City Corporation Area. Implementing organizations was take initiatives for jobs placement or self employment to raise the income of the vulnerable children and their family.


Project Name: Economic Empowerment Project

Project Goal: Slum adolescent girl and women will empowered through access in life skill and income generation non-hazardous vocational training to develop their life and livelihood.

Target population: Vulnerable Slum Adolescent Girl and Women

Objective : Slum children, adolescent boys and girls and women get market demandable skill and get involve in job.

Major Activity:

  • Provide market demandable skill training and assist job linkage
  • Social skills training on capacity building
  • Entrepreneurship development

Project Duration: February’2009 to June’2010

Working Area: Dhaka North City Corporation

Expected Outcomes:

  • 180 numbers of girls and women will get skill training facilities and increase their household income as well.

Major Achievement:

  • 189 numbers of adolescent girl and women get receive skill development training
  • 87 numbers of trainees involve in job marker
  • 46 numbers are develop personnel business

Donor’s Name: Jhone &Patricia Woolner and different UK and Bangladeshi individuals

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