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Organization’s profile:


SOHAY is a non-government, not for profit social development organization established in 2002.  The major hunch was to improve the life and livelihood of impoverished slum dwellers through education, skill training and upholding their rights. SOHAY has registration from Ministry of Social Welfare, Joint Stock Company and firms and NGO Affairs Bureau, of Government of Bangladesh.



To create disciplined self-confident, educated and skilled human resources to eradicate poverty and to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.



SOHAY mission is to assist the impoverished communities to eradicate poverty and injustices.  SOHAY is to empower people living in poverty, illiteracy, diseases and injustices.  SOHAY works are to push for large scale economic and social changes that enable men and women to realise their potentials.


Core Values and Beliefs:

  • Respect all human being on this planet irrespective of their geography, gender, economy, colour, religion, and ethnicity.
  • Every people have enormous capacity explore those and assist them accordingly.
  • Education is vital to develop one’s life and as a basic human right, thinks everyone should complete at least primary education level so that they can read and write;
  • Innovation – SOHAY create opportunitiesfor the poor to lift themselves out of poverty, difficulties and injustices
  • Integrity- SOHAY values transparencyand accountability in all our professional work, with clear policies and procedures, while displaying the utmost level of honesty in our financial dealings.
  • Human dignity, and social justice through enhancing the knowledge, confidence and capacity building;
  • Respect to diversified culture, religious and spirituality;
  • Respect gender sensitivity and practice in and every place;
  • Maintain value for money towards the all organization activities;
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Inclusiveness



  • Strengthening organizational sustainability
  • Strengthening good governance and democratic practice
  • Initiating programs for inclusive and differently able people
  • Initiating programs on different development sectors for marginalized group of people
  • Exploring and mobilizing available domestic resources at the highest level of program interventions


Strategically Approaches of Programme :

SOHAY is working with holistic approaches through emphasizes on participatory and integrated community development approach with group formation. It mainly focuses to ensure full participation of the people in every development efforts, initiatives in field. To achieve the organization mission and vision, SOHAY is providing services through different development programs and specific needs of programme-targeted beneficiaries. The main areas of programme developments are as follows-


Programme of the Organization

  • Education
  • Child and Youth Development
  • Skill and Livelihood Development
  • Gender, Rights and Justice



Organizations Working Area:

SOHAY is working now in Dhaka North and South City Corporations and Kaligong upazila, Satkhira but has the legal status of working anywhere in Bangladesh.


Other Projects:

SL Name of project   Target population Major Outcome/ Achievements Project duration Donor’s name Working area



Approved Projects:

SL Name of project   Target population Major Outcome/ Achievements Project duration Donor’s name Working area
18. Protection of Working and Vulnerable Children. PWVC 11050 Population – Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Children – The Project focus is on vulnerable working children, vulnerable community, employers/factory owners, local duty bearers, parents, Government officials, local health services. The Project is ongoing. 1st January 2019 to 31 December 2021. Manusher Jonno Foundation, Supported By UKaid. Dhaka North and South City Corporations –  Kamrangir char, Sohid nagar Lalbag, Hazaribag, Fulbaria, Kuril, Uttara.
17. Children organized for learning and development- COLD. 151 slum children living in impoverish situation in five different locations in Dhaka north and south.

120 youths are mobilized and organized to work against any form of violence against women, eve teasing, any form of addictions, extremism and social anarchy.

151 slum children admitted to different classes in five different government primary schools in Dhaka north and south.

5 youth groups have been formed in 5 different slums in Dhaka north and south. Since the group have been formed the slum environment have been improved, the young and adolescent girls are comfortable of moving easy and fearlessly in the locality.

May 2018 to April 2019. Global Fund For Children – GFC. Dhaka north and south.
16. Stop Child Labor Programme 100 Slum Children living in impoverish unhealthy environment. 100 Children admitted to Two Government Primary Schools In Rayerbazar, Dhaka. March 2018 To February 2019. Wei Lee. Gozmahal, Hazaribag, Dhaka.
15. Strengthen Civil Society and Public Institutions to address Combating  Gender based Violence Project


Vulnerable and victimize women and girls by violence and climate change ü  3047 numbers women leaders, men and boys take action to improve the GBV situation in targeted locations through promoting gender equality and the protection of women’s human rights.

ü  Public institutions respond effectively on GBV issues through improved cooperation with civil society organization.

July  2017 to September 2021 Manusher Jonno Foundation Satkhira Sadar Upazila
14. The Community Legal Aid Services in the Southwest of Bangladesh (CLASSBD ) Gender based violence, cast discrimination, vulnerability of women, lack of ability to access legal aid, landlessness, inequalities and lack of rights awareness. ü  6570 numbers of women, girls, and family members are now include legal net works as now they can access any types of legal services from the networks

ü  154 numbers of women and girls get direct access from this network

July, 2014 to March, 2017 UKAid


(Consortium with UTTARAN and Bhumijo Foundation )

Kaligong, Satkhira
13. Safe Migration for Bangladeshi Workers  project


Migrants workers, to be migrants and their family ü  302 numbers of adult male and female get proper information about safe migration

ü  18 numbers have ensure to go to abroad through proper information

ü   27 numbers of possible migrants get passport and visa information

ü  5 numbers of fraud case have solved by social initiative

August’2014 to July’2016 JICA


(SOHAY working as a sub-grant partner of BRAC)

Dhakkin Khan, Dhaka North
12. Hazardous child labour elimination (HCLE) project Hazardous working street and vulnerable children and their families ü  5867 numbers of children informed negative consequences of child labour

ü  4469 numbers of hazardous working and vulnerable children admit in formal school after receive non-formal education assistance

ü  4594 numbers of hazardous working and vulnerable children’s presents have sensitize

ü  234 numbers hazardous working children and adolescent have receive vocation training and get access in non hazardous job market

ü  3762 numbers hazardous working and vulnerable children get formal health access

ü  689 numbers work place have ensured fast aid access

ü  1332 numbers of employers agreed realize child labour and compile Labour code of conduct

August’2013 to April’2017 Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), Bangladesh Dhaka North and South City Corporation
11. Children organized for learning and development (COLD) Project Street and vulnerable slum children and their families


664 numbers of working and Vulnerable children  access in Government primary school ‍and their family have accessed in  low cost health facilities. And, now all local duty bearers are playing supportive role towards the children and family January’2012 to till now Global Fund for Children, USA Dhaka North and South City Corporation
10. Hazardous working children to mainstream education project Street and vulnerable slum children and their families


ü  356 numbers of working and Vulnerable children  access in Government primary school ‍and their family have accessed in  low cost health facilities. And, now all local duty bearers are playing supportive role towards the children and family October’2013 to September’2014 Global Giving, UK Dhaka North City Corporation
9. Social Mobilization for Women Empowerment Vulnerable and victimize girl and women ü  13 numbers of victimize girl and women get support

ü  119 numbers get access individual counseling and motivation

ü  455 numbers of family, community and local duty bearers have informed about legal access and sensitize toward the girls and women rights

January’2013 to on going  Wave Foundation-Action Aid Bangladesh Dhaka North City Corporation
8. Education assistance programme


Street and vulnerable slum children ü  845 numbers of school going pood and disadvantage children have get accessed educational materials distribution (uniform, bag book etc )

ü  2274 numbers of child and adult aware  and motivated on education

January’2010 to June’2010


Hope for Children, UK Dhaka North City Corporation
7. Economic Empowerment Project Vulnerable Slum Women ü  124 numbers of vulnerable women have get accessed  market demandable skill training and assist job linkage and

ü  12 numbers of women  have supported entrepreneurship development

Ferruary’2009 to June’2009 Jhone &Patricia Woolner Dhaka North City Corporation
6. Improve the lives of the children living in slums areas through education and capacity building (ILCLSAECB) Vulnerable slum and hazardous working children and their families


ü  2339 numbers of slum children and family have get accesses education and low cost health facilities.

ü  To protect working children rights through replace and reassign from their hazardous jobs by ensuring skill training, conducive job support, develop working place environment and advocacy.

August’2009 to July 2013 Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), Bangladesh  Dhaka North City Corporation



5. REFLECT  and Health Development Initiative  through Community Participation Urban slum families, spatially children and women ü  283 numbers of women have empowered through adult education and provide capacity building training

ü  Create awareness among the disadvantage community identifying safe drinking water and sanitation.

March’2006 to August’2006

March’2008 to August’ 2008

Action Aid Bangladesh Dhaka North City Corporation
4. National Identity Card and Voter Campaign project Under privileged people of urban area ü  Assist ID registration

ü  Awareness Campaign

ü  Meeting and Dialogue


July’ 2007-March, 2008 Democracy Watch, Bangladesh Dhaka North City Corporation
3. Education Assistance Programme   ü  664 numbers of school going children  have get educational materials (uniform, bag book etc )

ü  1154 numbers of parents have aware and motivated on child and adult education

January’2008 to March’2008


Hope for Children, UK Dhaka North City Corporation
2. People Empowerment and Rehabilitation and livelihood (PERL) project Poor and vulnerable women and girl ü  664 numbers of girls and women have get accessed market demandable skill training and job linkage facilities

ü  23 numbers women have accessed entrepreneurship development

January’2008 to December 2013 Jhone & Patricia Woolner, Helen Julie Youngman, United Kingdom Dhaka North City Corporation
1. Aware Poor People Relect on Acute Community (APPROCH) Urban slum families ü  459 numbers of family have accessed low cost formal health access in government and non-government service center of disadvantage children and mother in slum

ü  They have Improved capacities of women at household and community level through health care awareness are the priority in PRSP.

July 2007 to December 2009 Industry Sector Certification Ltd. and Zakir H. Chowdhury Dhaka North City Corporation



Contact Address:

Head Office                : Khash Vila, 280, Dhakkhin Khan, Dhakkhin Khan Bazar, Uttara, Dhaka-1230 (Old) 71, Khash Villa, Bir Muktijodda Alkus Uddin Road, Chairman para, Dhakkin khan, Dhaka-1230 (New)

Lesion Office              : 39/3, Flat-A-1, Sorokunjo, Rajerbazar, West Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209

Area Office                 : SOHAY, Satkhira

Cell                              : +8801776300380, +8801983470669

Email                           :,

Web                            :