International Volunteers

SOHAY is looking for interested international volunteers will be working with SOHAY employees on the following.  SOHAY will provide accommodation and food.  The volunteers have to ensure other associated costs for this volunteer work.

  • children education, development and child labor elimination
  • Youth engagement and development.
  • Women development and empowerment
  • Internal and external Migration
  • Skills development


Helen Youngman, a British Citizen, was the first volunteer in SOHAY. She provided ten months of her time for SOHAY, her support was an enormous benefit to SOHAY.  All SOHAY staff love her a lot.


Caimin Dunne, an Irish citizen, was the 2nd volunteer in SOHAY.  He provided two important months of his life for SOHAY.  He has helped SOHAY in developing its website.  He also helped SOHAY in writing a couple of case studies.