Women Development and Exploring Leadership

Women Development and Exploring Leadership

SOHAY strongly believes women development and leadership is very important for the equality and equity in the country and society.  Under this SOHAY builds Women’s capacity and leadership.  The purpose is to enhance women confidence, knowledge on different areas such as economic areas, social issue, health, education, and gender related matter.  These activities are to create a favorable environment to social change to improving women’s present conditions both at home and in the society.

The earning plays important role of women position in family and decision making hence we ask women engaging income-generating activities in addition to access to health care, education and other services.

This has been observed women living in rural areas and Dhaka urban slums had not had the necessary scopes and opportunities of updating themselves through education and global knowledge on different areas.  Their only learning is from the illiterate elderly and equally illiterate neighbors.  The present social norms and practices play huge influential role, whether this is good, helpful or not helpful.

They are surprised when SOHAY tells them that those women did good work in this society are carry the same basic characteristics, but they make them educated, keep them up to date with the present knowledge and information.  They can help their families if they keep their eyes and mind open and accept what is good and important for their family development.


Stakeholders engagement in project development:

This is SOHAY’s practice to engage and discuss with the right group before developing any project proposal.  Here SOHAY has engaged youth boys and girls and talking about what should be in a combating gender-based violence project

SOHAY staff are discussing with women on women empowerment and control on life during combating gender-based violence project development


Women are listening to how others in the family, community, and society behave with them.  What are the right behaviors and wrong behaviors?  Also listening to the strategies of challenging the wrong behaviors.  The first step of women development, empowerment and equality are to have a clear knowledge of the areas.

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